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Apply for Elective Home Education and Travelling Children Support Officer job in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, West Midlands (County), United Kingdom. Social Care jobs in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

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Job Title: Elective Home Education and Travelling Children Support Officer
Job Type: Temporary
Location: Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Salary: £11.88/hour
Company: CV-Library
Category: Social Care

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Job Description: Job Title:Elective Home Education and Travelling Children Support Officer
Service Group:Children & Young People
Department/Team:Specialist Intensive Support
Location:Any suitable base across Wolverhampton
Disclosure and Barring Clearance: Enhanced

Special Conditions:
Subject to the requirements of the service, and following appropriate local consultation processes, the working week of individual employees may be arranged over a 7 day period, including weekends, providing that the employees' average core hours over a pre-determined reference period does not exceed 37 hours.
The standard working week shall remain at 37 hours where hours worked are not in excess of 37 hours.

Job Purpose:
The post holder will be responsible for the coordination and oversight of Elective Home Education across the city and act as a specialist officer in the area of Elective Home Education.

To ensure Elective Home Education is developed and delivered within the statutory framework as required, fulfilling the LA responsibilities in this area.

To provide appropriate and specialist advice and guidance to schools, families and other services regarding Elective Home Education

To ensure that there is a dedicated and knowledgeable person within the Local Authority who can work effectively in partnership with key services/ agencies to improve outcomes for Travelling children and their families

To increase levels of engagement in education within the travelling community

To be responsible for commissioning teaching support for travelling children passing through Wolverhampton but not staying long enough to be allocated a school place.

Key Contacts in Organisation:

Reports to: Vulnerable Young People's Risk Coordinator

Number supervised: 0

Main contacts: Council Employees, External Partners, Service Users.

Main responsibilities:

1.To adhere to and use the Behaviours and Guiding principles framework for Children & Young People Services in everyday working practice.
2.To proactively engage with families to ensure they are fully aware of the commitment they are making when opting to EHE.
3.To support and guide those families to provide the best education for their children whilst recognising the parental right to home educate their child.
4.To have oversight of the quality of provision offered and develop strong working relationships with families in order to encourage their engagement in the monitoring of provision.
5.To ensure as far as is possible that children are receiving a broad balanced curriculum suitable to their age and stage, leading to progress at a similar rate to that of their peers in school and preparing them for adult life.
6.To follow up on all concerns about a young person not being provided with a suitable education by engaging with the family in the first instance and Behaviour and Attendance Officers in cases where a School Attendance Order is required.
7.To contribute to the development of localised policies and procedures around EHE and ensure these are in line with national policy.
8.To work collaboratively with other services and agencies to increase professionals' confidence in working with the Travelling community.
9.To take a lead within the Early Help Service for developing a clear understanding and appreciation of the Travelling culture.
10.To lead in monitoring the social mobility of the travelling community and ensure accurate records are kept on the Capita ONE system of all children in the City who are not on a school roll.
11.To be the key point of contact for travelling families and build a trusting relationship with the community.
12.To proactively encourage travelling families to engage in education and assist them in building effective relationships with schools.
13.To liaise and work collaboratively with schools, other education training providers and other agencies, as appropriate, in order to get the needs of the young person met.
14.To receive requests from other services and partner agencies for commissioned tutorial support to support the learning of travelling children who have been waiting too long for school place or are not expecting to remain in Wolverhampton long enough to the allocated a school place. This included the children accompanying their families who work for and travel with fairs etc.
15.Co-ordinate the transfer of records and facilitate continuity of provision for GRT pupils through liaison with Traveller Education teams in other authorities.
16.To respond and support appropriately where there are safeguarding and welfare concerns in line with safeguarding procedures.
17.To engage in home visiting, case conference attendance and other casework and case related activity.
18.To instigate and support Early Help Assessments when appropriate to individual cases and ensure a holistic family approach.
19.To represent the local authority at regional forums linked to EHE and travelling children.
20.To actively engage in joint work with colleagues in Early intervention and Prevention, Social Care and other services that support children and families to address areas of vulnerability, improve outcomes and enable families to live together safely

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