Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about North Korea

#1 North Korean Airlines is the only airline has just 1 star from Skytrax.

#2 Methamphetamine in North Korea

Using Methamphetamine in North Korea is rather normal. People do use it to cure thier illnesses like cold and flu, increase their energy level and to keep their appetite low to deal with the food shortages.

#3 State Dictated Hair Styles

There is no individuality, you can choose from one of just 28 hair styles that the state give permission for you to have.

#4 North Korea Restaurants

North Korea has opened a restaurant in Amsterdam in order to make some money for the State.

#5 Three Generation Punishment System

North Korea has a 3 generation punishment system. If someone breaks the law the perpetrator and his whole family are taken to a working camp and remain there for their lifetime including the next two generations.

#6 Working Days in North Korea

There is 6 working days in North Korea however people also have to work in their holiday "voluntarily".

#7 "Cannabis Healthier than Smoking"

Cannabis is not only allowed in North Korea, it's also suggested to use because it's healthier than smoking.

#8 Kim Jong-il was a genius!

According to official books, Kim Jong-il was able to walk when he was 3 weeks old, he was speaking in his first 8 weeks and we are told that he has written 1,500 books and 6 operas during his 3 years of education.

#9 North Korea Space Programme

North Korea's space program has only 20% success rate.

#10 The year in North Korea!

The year is not 2014 in North Korea, but 103 as the calendar started when Kim il-Sung's was born.

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